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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Submission


When is the entry deadline?
You can save $100 by submitting your entry before June 12. If you can't make the June 12 deadline, submit your entry by July 10. 

Is there a discount for submitting multiple entries?
Yes, enter three or more entries and save 10% off your total order.  

How do I apply?
Click here for complete "how to enter" instructions.

Worried about non-disclosure agreements?  
If you have an application that you would like to enter, but are worried that a non-disclosure agreement with a customer will prevent you from doing so, feel free to refer to the parties involved in general terms.

Will our judges or BTR sign non-disclosure agreements?


Our product was released after the 2016 Cable-Tec Expo, can I submit this for review? 

Submitted products for the Diamond Reviews must be new since last year's Cable-Tec Expo (September 2016) or have received a major upgrade since that time. When entering a product for consideration based on a recent upgrade, that upgrade should be emphasized in your entry materials.
Products introduced before or at last year’s Cable-Tec Expo (September 2016) that have not been upgraded significantly in the past year are not eligible for submission. Products announced after this year’s EXPO also are ineligible.

Do you have a question about whether your product or application would be a worthy entrant, or where it might fit?
Reach out on questions like these and any other by contacting BTR Editorial Director Stephen Hardy at stephenh@pennwell.com.

What is the entry cost?

  • Early-Bird Submission Rate (enter by June 12): $795
  • Final Submission Rate: $895

What additional details could I submit with my entry?  

  • A spec sheet that details the parameters the product or service is designed to meet entry’s features.
  • A brief technological description of how the product works.
  • A photo or photos.

Please Note: No more than 5 extra pages of documentation, including spec sheets, are allowed. Pictures, diagrams and/or charts do not count toward your 5 pages.

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Testimonials by users
  • A simple brief that summarizes the features of the entry, and how it differentiates itself from the competition
  • Photos and diagrams, particularly block diagrams or flow charts that help describe how the product or service works.


What information is requested on the electronic submission form?

  • Contact details of the person submitting the form
  • Company name and product/application name of the entry
  • You will also be asked to describe the following:
    • How your product/service/software helps broadband cable engineers reduce operational expenses and/or develop new revenue sources
    • The unique features of this product as it compares to competing solutions


I keep hitting SAVE but my entry is not saving?
Review your entry and confirm any required field is filled in or checked -- required fields with no data will be highlighted in red after you hit SAVE.

I did NOT receive a confirmation email after submitting my entry.

I have other questions/problems.

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